Help Veterans Adjust to Civilian Life

Along with the over 5 million adults already diagnosed, thousands of veterans will continue to be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as sleep disorders serious enough to need disability services. Disturbed sleep patterns, which affect 70 to 90% of veterans,  both precipitate and perpetuate PTSD issues, so combating them is the first critical step for soldiers and their healthcare team.

Researchers have proven that dawn simulators like our SunRise Clock, and light therapy products like the BioBrite Visor can provide significant benefits to soldiers.  Regulation of sleep and exposure to light can help veterans feel more energetic, less depressed, more well-rested and positive as they face their recovery journey.  And of course it only makes common sense that veterans who have been exposed to the horrific sights and loud sounds of war would do better waking to a gentle sunrise from one of our clocks as opposed to an obnoxious loud alarm clock.  Furthermore, given the ease of use, the inexpensive costs relative to drug treatments, bright light therapies are now considered viable alternatives or adjunct treatments for combat-related problems.

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