Improve Mood & Productivity

Most people feel active and upbeat when they get lots of natural light during the sunny days of spring and summer. But the short, dark days of winter can have the opposite effect. When natural light is limited, many people gain weight, have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and generally feel lethargic and moody. More and more research conducted at leading universities confirms that light acts as an essential nutrient to the body- as important as air, food, and water. The intensity of the light and the amount of the light you are exposed to can have a major impact on your mood and energy level, regardless of the season.

Most people who experience light-related blues can get prompt relief by using BioBrite’s healthy lighting products. Bright light sessions with the Light Visor, desk lamp,  or light box can often make people feel as peppy and productive as they would in the summer time. These natural approaches are often more effective than caffeine or energy drinks, without any of the undesirable side effects of medication.

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