The summer is upon us! Are you waking peacefully or to the rush of fear shocked through your system by the bleet of a conventional alarm clock? Treat yourself to sunshine during the sunniest months and let us know how you feel! All of our models come with a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. But, once you try our clock, we have a feeling you’re going to want to use it every morning after.

Whether you’re a mother looking for the perfect infant-soothing device, a college student not wanting to wake their roommate when rising for an early AM class, shopping for an older person who loathes traditional screeching alarms, or anyone in between, you’ll benefit from our clock’s unique design.

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Hello, guys! Today’s fan of the day is S.L. Harms from the great state of Colorado:

“I have never had an alarm clock that is more gentle or effective. Every single morning I wonder “Wait, why am I awake?” because it seems I’ve just naturally awakened (which, my friends, almost never happens). It doesn’t scare me awake like other noise-based methods do; I don’t have that feeling of panic, that “I-have-to-push-snooze-now” compulsion I associate with loud alarm clocks. It’s pleasant and non-invasive. Let’s just say I’m not that good at waking or wanting to leave my bed, but this has created the most ideal situation I could ask for, as a near-permanent night person. 🙂 I highly recommend this product. “ — S. L. Harms, Colorado

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BioBrite’s SunRise Alarm Clock series is not only great for adults; children and teenagers who develop a circadian rhythm different than modern living allows also reap the benefits of rising naturally. Our pal D. Thomsen writes:

“My 14-yr old son has to get up at 6am now for high school. Rising early has always been very difficult for him; he will sleep till 11 am if given the chance. Now he wakes to a SunRise Alarm Clock and getting up early has never been so easy! It wakes him gently as the light brightens over 30 min. He is even in a good mood because he hasn’t been shocked awake by a loud alarm in the dark. What a wonderful device.”

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“Wow. What a great company: BioBrite. They fixed my clock for a very small fee and way past warranty date. AND they were unbelievably fast! I am SO happy to have my sun-rise alarm back -and just in time to start Dental Hygiene School (long days ahead). 😉 Thank You, BioBrite!”

— Diane “Labadorer,” Austin, Texas

The timing of light signals can be as important as how much light we receive. When the biological clock receives light signals at the wrong time of day, it can become out of sync with the real world, creating havoc with sleep patterns, digestion and other activities. This phenomenon, called “circadian dysrthmia,” is most often experienced in “jet lag” – another condition that responds well to carefully timed use of bright light technology.

Scientific research has shown that light at specific times during your body’s circadian cycle sets your clock Eastward and at other times, Westward. So the key is to seek bright light at the correct time and avoid sunlight at specific times. The timing is crucial. Light at the wrong time during a trip to Europe could send your sleep patterns to Hawaii! BioBrite offers the easy-to-use Jet Lag Combat Kit (with Light Visor) (#88200) and booklet “Preventing Jet Lag,” which tells you exactly how to use light to rapidly shift your biological clock to the new time zone. Any bright light source which is not standard room lighting will work, particularly the sun, but since light may be needed at night or on the plane, the Light Visor in the Jet Lag Combat Kit is the only practical choice.

By the same token, our other Light Visors and light boxes can help with certain sleep disorders which require the reset of circadian rhythms. Look for our upcoming entry concerning these sleep disorders on your friend lists and community posts!

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It’s never been more affordable to bypass the piercing screech of traditional alarms. Wake to the warm glow of one of our most popular dawn simulator alarm clocks while saving 30%!

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Features and Functions:

*Adjustable sunrise and sunset features in 15-, 30-, 45-, 60-, or 90-minute intervals (this is the only SunRise Alarm Clock model with a 45-minute sunrise/sunset feature)

*An anti-theft function – deter criminals while out of town with our automatic lamp feature

*Fade-to-nightlight function

*A back-up beeper alarm

*Your choice of 12- or 24-hour time display

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Did you know about sleep debt? If you lose two hours of sleep a night, by the end of the week you owe yourself 12 hours of sleep! This sleep debt can feel even worse on top of stress or erratic sleeping patterns. Fortunately, there are ways to help ease the tension caused by sleep problems.

There are several classifications of sleep disorders. Light therapy is an effective treatment for a branch of disorders concerning circadian rhythm disruption. Disorders such as late night- (Delayed Circadian Rhythm Disorder) and early morning-insomnia (Advanced Circadian Rhythm Disorder) are especially aided by this type of therapy.

The BioBrite SolarMax Light Visor Using light therapy at strategic times can help you to reset your body’s internal clock and combat jet lag, fatigue, insomnia, and sleeping patterns due to shift work, because when you expose yourself to light at certain times, your body gets used to the new biological cues.

For those with a milder sleep debt, dawn simulation can be a soothing aid. Dawn simulation is not akin to light therapy, but both can work together to help shift circadian rhythms that are out of sync. Dawn simulation helps the user wake during hours before the first crack of sunlight. With a BioBrite SunRise Alarm Clock, a warm, glowing light gradually increases before reaching full brightness; mimicking the natural dawn, coaxing the user out of sleep efficiently and restfully. It can be very soothing to rise in this manner instead of jolting awake to an annoying traditional alarm in a dark room!

With light therapy, a patient sits at a prescribed distance from a light box for a certain length of time. That length is usually prescribed by a doctor, depending on the patient’s needs. The standard lux requirement is 10,000 lux at between 18 and 20 inches and the treatment should be every morning, from 20 minutes to an hour. The light box is great for those who have more sedentary schedules in the mornings. If they desire mobility, the patient may prefer to use a light visor, usually in the mornings after waking. By wearing a visor on your head, the light is positioned above the eyes more naturally than with a light box. And, because the light has further to travel to reach your eyes, the treatment time is usually cut in half. You should consult with your eye doctor before trying light therapy to see whether a box or a visor is best for you.

The SunRay Light Box Note: With light therapy, your eyes must be open in order to receive treatment. Because with the dawn simulator your eyes are closed, dawn simulation is not a viable source of light therapy.

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