Customer Service

-“It’s a real pleasure to find a company that supports its products so well. Thank you!!” Tim

“What a great company- BioBrite. They fixed my clock for a small fee and way past warranty date. AND they were unbelievably fast!”  Diane, TX

“Mornings are much better! The clock arrived back in working order Monday afternoon. Thank you so very much for your initial prompt reply, then fixing the SunRise Alarm quickly…. In addition to the SunRise Alarm Clock being the best, your customer service is tops.” Kathleen,  Jackson Hole, WY


-“Great lights, we have a previous analog clock version of this light & it finally went kaput. Thanks for the great deal on the replacement.”

Jeffery,  WA
-“My Sunrise Clock has been repaired and returned and is working properly. It is so refreshing to find a company that responds to consumers’ needs so rapidly and efficiently. Please share my appreciation with your management and with your personnel.”

Dava,  NJ


-“I can’t function without it! I’m not a morning person, but this clock has made getting up at AM sooo much more pleasant. BioBrite truly cares about their products and their customers. A+ x a million!” — A. B, WA