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Mood and Energy Level

-“Waking up to a regular alarm clock is like getting kicked by a screaming Gilbert Gottfried; waking to this thing is like being gently caressed awake by a smiling Natalie Portman. Seriously, this thing rules.” – Nathan,  OH

-“The Sunrise Clock has made a tremendous improvement in my mood and energy level”

G.S., Utah

-“Most of us are aware of the really cheerful, the elevating effect of a bright sunny day on our mood, says Sheila, clinical assistant professor, and of the converse-the negative impact of a gray, gloomy day…Invest in a dawn simulator, which can be set to gradually lighten a room within minutes or hours”
The Record University of Michigan

-“I can’t function without it! I’m not a morning person, but this clock has made getting up at AM sooo much more pleasant. BioBrite truly cares about their products and their customers. A+ x a million!” — A. B, WA

– “Winters are brutal down here in the Antarctic Circle, but my faithful SunRise clock helps me get through… Thanks for a great product!”
Karen, Antarctic Research Team
-“I’m in the US Army, and I wake up before the sun every day. Needless to say, I don’t really get enough sleep, but the SunRise clock makes getting out of bed much less painful. Not only does it make my life more pleasant, I think my soldiers appreciate the difference in my early-morning mood as well!”
LT U.S. Army DMZ, Korea