Why Buy From BioBrite?

BIOBRITE HAS BEEN THE MARKET LEADER… in healthy light products for more than 20 years. We can help find the right product for you, and we back up everything we sell with great customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our products are innovative and based on solid science.  Other companies have copied our products, but they cannot duplicate our product quality and company dedication to customer service.

  • We invented the patented Light Visor, the most efficient and convenient way to beat winter blues.
  • Our Jet Lag Visor, the same one used by NASA astronauts, can help you prevent jet lag.
  • Our award winning SunRise Clock — the world’s first fully integrated dawn simulator, can help you fall asleep naturally and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • We carry a full line of light boxes, desk lamps, and other products to help you battle Seasonal Affective Disorder, jet lag, winter depression, sleep disorders and other light deficiency concerns.

Established in 1989, BioBrite is one of the oldest and most respected healthy lighting companies in the world. We are proud members of the Circadian Lighting Association (CLA) and the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR), and our products have been demonstrated in research projects at the National Institutes of Health and other well-known scientific institutions all over the world.  We are very grateful for support from many health care professionals who have been involved with research and product development at BioBrite, especially:

Dr. Gordon Wallace, Dr. Harvey Resnik, Dr. Irv Hecker, Dr. Norman Rosenthal, Dr. George Brainard, Dr. Brenda Byrne, Dr. Michael Terman, Dr. Ziad Boulos, Dr. Bernard Fitzmorris, Dr. Ray Lam, Dr Harvey Ruben, Dr. Paul Marques, Dr. Barbara Perry, Dr. Dan Oren, RN. Geoffrey McEnany, Dr James Waterhouse, Dr. Paul Desan, Dr. Craig Karpilow, and Dr. Martin Moore-ede.

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