School Performance

“I was a medical student at the time and had to get up so early, but with this clock, I was able to get up so fresh! It was because of this clock, I was able to go through the vigorous training.”  Y.U, Los Angeles,  CA

 “[The Pearl] dawn simulator has truly been helping my teen to awaken early for school especially in the dark months.”   V.S., Chicago, IL

“I asked my older teen to “test run” this clock before giving it to her sister. The older teen now refuses to give it up. “  Mom of 5, Pittsburgh, PA.

“The winter blues can usually be helped with increased physical activity and increased amounts of light in the environment. Try to use a dawn simulator.” University of Minnesota Health Services

“Most of us are aware of the really cheerful, the elevating effect of a bright sunny day on our mood, says Sheila, clinical assistant professor, and of the converse-the negative impact of a gray, gloomy day…Invest in a dawn simulator, which can be set to gradually lighten a room within minutes or hours”                     The Record   University of Michigan

“My son got one first and raved about it. I was intrigued, so he got me one for Mother’s Day. The BioBrite alarm clock is absolutely wonderful.  My eyes are already accustomed to the light by the time I wake up and there’s none of that squinting and discomfort when I turn on a light. It’s like waking up to the sun coming in the windows every morning, and I wake up refreshed, alert, and in a great mood!”                      K.,   Grand Rapids, MI

“I heart this alarm. My mother gave me my first BioBrite when I was a teenager in college–it lasted 13 years. It was and is the only thing that ever really gets me up in the morning.” S.K., San Francisco,CA