“My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner in my working life, especially when I was working rotating shifts. Ugh. I don’t enjoy getting up at what feels like a wrong time for me, but I can and DO get up when I have to and it’s not the miserable experience it used to be.” – H., Boston, MA

“I was a medical student at the time and had to get up so early, but with this clock, I was able to get up so fresh! It was because of this clock, I was able to go through the vigorous training.” Y.U.,Los Angeles,CA

“The SunRise Clock has truly been helping my teen wake early for school especially in the dark months.” V.S., Chicago, IL

“I was given the original SunRise Clock as a gift a few years ago and absolutely love it. I work shift work and find that it’s easier to wake up for a midnight shift now.”
C.B.,Vancouver, Canada

“I love the SunRise Clock! It’s the greatest thing for those of us who wake up with the sun. Unfortunately my work schedule doesn’t always coincide with the sunrise!”
J., Chico,CA