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Slumber Shades (Zzz Glasses)


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The Slumber Shades glasses are a sleep aid that requires NO drugs and NO herbs. These glasses help induce sleep by blocking blue light, which causes your body to naturally increase your melatonin – the sleep hormone. Simply put on the Slumber Shades an hour or two before bedtime. You can still read, work on your computer, or watch TV, while your body naturally increases the melatonin in your system. When it is time for bed, the elevated level of melatonin will help you sleep.

The Slumber Shades (ZZZ Glasses) are based on peer-reviewed scientific studies conducted at such institutions as Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. We are confident that the Slumber Shades (ZZZ Glasses) will help you sleep better. If you don`t agree, we’ll refund your entire purchase price. For those who wear prescription glasses regularly, see the Fitover Slumber Shades.

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