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Deluxe Feel Bright Light Visor


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The best light visor for your convenience! The ultra-bright light therapy has two settings–8,000 and 12,000 lux. Feel Bright Light (FBL) attaches to the visor it comes with, or your own visor or hat. Conveniently select your light intensity setting at the push of a button and move about freely while getting your dose of bright light therapy for the day. The FBL uses long lasting blue-green LED bulbs which produce no UV. The FBL shuts off automatically after 30 minutes and the lithium polymer battery can be used for up to 3 treatments before it requires recharging. Charger should last for 8,000 recharges. Get relief from winter blues, SAD, sleep disorders, and shift work changes that effect your body clock and circadian rhythm. This Light Therapy Visor is great for travel.

Purchase includes: Feel Bright Light, Charger, Carrying Case, Visor, and Dual Lock attachment for the visor or hat of your choice (or the visor included)

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