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The BioBrite SolarMax Light Visor™ is a breakthrough in convenience and efficiency. It’s a wearable bright light source that’s light weight, adjusts to fit comfortably around your head and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that leaves you free to move about. The SolarMax Light Visor delivers safe, gentle, UV-free light.

The SolarMax is super-efficient because the light is fixed close to the eyes. Scientific studies have shown that the Light Visor is as effective as a light box, and offers many advantages. You don’t have to sit still in one place to get a beneficial light session. You are free to move around while you get a mood improving energy boost.  The Visor does not interfere with vision, so it can be used as you walk, do housework, prepare a meal, eat, watch TV, ride an exercise bike, even travel.

Features: Built-in rechargeable battery pack | Battery charger | Safe, UV- free natural white light from long-life LEDs | Adjustable fabric Visor fits all comfortably | Weighs under 6 ounces

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