Winter Blues & SAD

“I have never had an alarm clock that is more gentle or effective. Every single morning I wonder “Wait, why am I awake?” because it seems I’ve just naturally awakened (which, my friends, almost never happens). It doesn’t scare me awake like other noise-based methods do; I don’t have that feeling of panic, that “I-have-to-push-snooze-now” compulsion I associate with loud alarm clocks. It’s pleasant and non-invasive. Let’s just say I’m not that good at waking or wanting to leave my bed, but this has created the most ideal situation I could ask for, as a near-permanent night person.  I highly recommend this product. “S. L. Harms,  CO

“Bright light therapy is a simple, self-administered, inexpensive treatment with few side effects (which)further establishes the efficacy of bright light therapy for combat-related PTSD.”               Shannon, Greenville, SC

“The Sunrise Clock has made a tremendous improvement in my mood and energy level”                         G.S., Logan, Utah

“This sunrise-clock is GREAT! I am very pleased with this product.  I can’t even begin to say how much better it is to wake up to a light-filled room than the piercing BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP screech of a traditional alarm clock jarring me out of sleep and practically giving me a heart attack every morning! Also, if you have problems getting yourself out of bed early when it is still very dark outside (winter time, northern climates, disrupted sleep patterns due to menopause, etc.) then this sunrise-clock is for you! I wish I would have gotten this sunrise clock for myself a lot sooner!” K. F.

“Seriously, this clock rules. I used to be miserable in the morning. The phrase “good morning” felt like an oxymoron. I hit snooze repeatedly and was both physically and mentally worthless for a good 40 minutes or more after regretfully getting up. It can’t be bad for my career to get to work on time and in a pleasant mood.” N. B., Cincinnati, OH

“The winter blues can usually be helped with increased physical activity and increased amounts of light in the environment. Try to use a dawn simulator.”  University of Minnesota Health Services

This Controller is a really nice product! I had tried a Soliel clock before, but it was not bright enough to wake me up, and the buttons were very small and hard to use. This SunRise Controller plugs into my favorite bedside lamp, so I can use a bulb of my choosing that is bright enough to wake me AND bright enough to read by. It has a nice quality radio and loads of features that are easy to program and use. The display is very cool, and easy to read with large digits.  S., Philadelphia, PA

 “Most of us are aware of the really cheerful, the elevating effect of a bright sunny day on our mood, says Sheila, clinical assistant professor, and of the converse-the negative impact of a gray, gloomy day…Invest in a dawn simulator, which can be set to gradually lighten a room within minutes or hours”                     The Record,   University of Michigan

“Studies show that windowless environments reduce productivity and affect a person’s mood and health.” Dr. I.H., Rockville, MD

“I purchased a Digital SunRise Clock in the Spring of 2000.  I cannot say enough positive things about the clock and I recommend it to everyone I know, not only those who have trouble getting up in the morning but everyone who wants to start their day refreshed.  I wake up at 5:30 every morning with no problems.”    T., Edina, MN