Improve Shiftworker Health

When you imagined someone as a “shift worker”, you had visions of metal lunch pails and assembly lines. Not anymore. In 2012, there are well over 15 million people working schedules that begin and end at any time around the clock. Airline employees, medical residents, athletes, restaurant, hotel, IT professionals – all of them must figure out how to change their natural wake and sleep cycles to wake in the dark, sleep in the light, or both.

It is not just your ability to arrive at work on time that is affected; disrupting your body’s natural circadian rhythms can have a significant effect on physical and emotional well being, as well as energy and professional productivity. Without addressing the body clock disruption, these workers must contend with working in a state akin to constant jetlag. Many university studies have confirmed the physically debilitating problems that can arise if one is constantly off-schedule, which include cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and mental disruptions.

Obviously, the sooner the disruptions and schedule changes are addressed, the better you will be. Several Biobrite products were developed to specifically tackle circadian (daily) rhythm concerns. For example, the Slumber Shades glasses are a sleep aid that requires NO drugs and NO herbs. These glasses help induce sleep by blocking blue light, which causes your body to naturally increase your melatonin – the sleep hormone. Regardless of the actual time of day, you will be able to restfully sleep. Conversely, your energy and mood will be better when you have the option to wake to a rising daylight- just what the award-winning SunRise clock was developed to solve. Countless customers describe how important it is for them to wake to the rising sun- whether for work schedules, general wellbeing, energy level, or time schedule adjustments.

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