Can bright lights be harmful to the eyes?

Sunlight contains ultra-violet, infra-red rays, as well a variety of colors in its spectrum. Artificial light therapy needs to maximize the intensity of the light it produces, while filtering out the UV rays. Because UV rays in intensity can prompt the development of macular degeneration and skin problems, it is imperative that you purchase quality equipment from an established company that has been in business for years, and is a member of the Circadian Lighting Association. All of the clinical trials using the Light Visorâ„¢ received Institutional Review Board approval for human subjects. Safety is a major factor in receiving such approval. Furthermore, BioBrite commissioned a “hazard analysis” conducted by independent experts. It concluded that the energy emitted by the Light Visorâ„¢ is far below the threshold limit values recommended in national standards for photobiological safety of lamps and lighting systems. To our knowledge, BioBrite is the only manufacturer of light therapy equipment that has undertaken this type of analysis. Nevertheless, anyone with a known or suspected eye disease should consult an ophthalmologist.