How helpful are light therapy products for SAD?

It is now generally accepted that light therapy is a viable treatment for SAD. Large controlled clinical trials, involving six institutions, and more than 200 patients with SAD, were conducted over three fall/winter seasons beginning 1989. One of these trials which involved 105 patients and six institutions (National Institute of Mental Health, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, University of Utah, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto) was the single largest controlled trial ever done on the use of light treatment for SAD (Joffe, R., et. al., Psych Research, 1993, 46:29-39). Results of another trial involving 55 patients have also been published. (Rosenthal, N.E., et. al.,Neuropsychopharmacology, 1993, Vol 8, No. 2). Clinical efficacy was demonstrated in all three trials.

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