How much light is optimal?

Every light therapy product provides a measured amount of full spectrum light that is the equivalent to standing outdoors on a clear day. The intensity of the light- known as lux – depends on the product , and how close you are sitting to it. Every product needs to provide at least 2,500 lux, which is 5 to 10 times brighter than ordinary room lighting.  Some light boxes provide 10,000 lux, which means you spend less time with your light therapy every day.

Because the Light Visor™ lamps are fixed close to the eyes, it is more efficient than a light box. Many people have found that 20-to-40 minutes of Light Visor™ use in the morning is ideal as a seasonal light supplement. However, there is considerable individual variation in effective light doses. The light intensity of the Light Visor™ can be adjusted up to 3000 lux to meet a wide range of needs. Increased energy levels, and alertness, balanced mood swings, and sleep/wake cycles will return to regular levels once light therapy is succeeding.