FOTD: Light Therapy and Teens

BioBrite’s SunRise Alarm Clock series is not only great for adults; children and teenagers who develop a circadian rhythm different than modern living allows also reap the benefits of rising naturally. Our pal D. Thomsen writes:

“My 14-yr old son has to get up at 6am now for high school. Rising early has always been very difficult for him; he will sleep till 11 am if given the chance. Now he wakes to a SunRise Alarm Clock and getting up early has never been so easy! It wakes him gently as the light brightens over 30 min. He is even in a good mood because he hasn’t been shocked awake by a loud alarm in the dark. What a wonderful device.”

What a great feeling, both for the teen and the parent! Thanks for the input! Have a story to share? Comment below or contact us through our Web site!