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SunRise Clocks can help people fall asleep naturally, without resorting to habit-forming sleeping pills.  Its artificial sunset takes advantage of the fact that the human brain is preprogrammed to slow down, relax and prepare for sleep when the sun goes down.  The Light Visor™ can be used to change sleeping patterns, particularly the timing of sleep. To delay the onset of sleep and sleep later into  the morning, bright light is typically used in the evenings.

To shift sleep time earlier and awaken earlier, light is used in the morning. Two-to-three hours of exposure per day for several days in a row can rapidly shift the biological clock to a new pattern. Less time will shift sleep patterns more slowly. Note that sunlight is much brighter than any bright light device and can counter the intended effects. For example, a “night owl” trying to shift sleep earlier should avoid late day sunshine by wearing dark glasses or staying indoors. BioBrite’s SlumberShades help block blue light which helps the body produce melatonin (the sleep hormone).  Learn more on the SunRise Clocks™ page.

The use of light to shift “circadian rhythms” is well-established in the scientific community and has been used by NASA and many sleep clinics. Consulting a sleep medicine specialist is recommended before beginning any program. With their direction, we recommend using the BioBrite Light Visor™ to easily shift your circadian rhythms.

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